Peace of Mind Included: The Power of GES’s 18-Month In-Service Warranty

An investment in manufacturing equipment repairs should accomplish more than just getting operations back up and running smoothly again. To ensure maximum value, the service your equipment receives should keep it running. It’s hardly worthwhile to spend money on repairs that will fail again in a few weeks or months. Quality repairs are lasting repairs.

At Global Electronic Services, we believe deeply in this principle — so much so that we offer an industry-leading 18-month in-service warranty. Why? Because we’re committed to keeping your production environment running smoothly today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

We’ve got your back!

Our 18-month in-service warranty stands alone in the industry. While many repair companies offer a standard warranty of 90 days — or even up to 12 months — a lot can happen to critical equipment in that time, leaving you vulnerable to unexpected repair costs down the line.

With GES, you’re covered for a full 18 months after your equipment is in service. Our warranties don’t even begin until you’ve actually used the equipment for the first time after servicing. That means you can repair and maintain backup components without worrying about warranties expiring while equipment is in storage. And this comprehensive warranty applies to the repairs themselves, ensuring any parts replaced or work performed during the service are covered in case of malfunction.

The value of a reliable warranty

GES’ extended 18-month in-service warranty translates to significant value for your business because it provides a financial safety net. After the initial service, if a previously repaired component fails due to reasons covered by the warranty, you won’t face additional repair costs. This predictability allows for better budgeting, and it reduces the risk of unforeseen expenses.

Our warranty also signifies our confidence in the quality of our work. By offering such a lengthy coverage period, we demonstrate a commitment to using top-tier OEM parts and employing highly skilled technicians. We’re so certain our work will meet and exceed manufacturer standards that we’re literally betting on ourselves with an 18-month warranty.

Peace of mind is invaluable

Our industry-best warranty goes beyond just repairs. It’s a symbol of our commitment to customer satisfaction and a core element of the peace of mind we strive to provide. Our extensive experience and proven track record in the field further solidify our position as a reliable partner for all your industrial equipment repair needs.


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Quality beyond the point of service

GES’ 18-month in-service warranty is a powerful differentiator — one that offers unparalleled peace of mind for your business. It signifies our unwavering commitment to quality repairs and exceptional customer service, all to keep your operations running smoothly. Don’t settle for the industry standard. Choose GES and experience the confidence that comes with a reliable repair partner and an industry-leading warranty.

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