Nissan Declares New Plan For Dramatic Growth In Manufacturing

Japanese automaker Nissan has announced a new approach to their manufacturing process. Many Japanese manufacturers practice the concept of “Kaizen” , which is where processes are improved in small ways over time. Kaizen emphasizes full effort and support from every employee from the manufacturing floor, to the executive office. This concept has allowed consistent delivery and reliability from Japanese automakers. Nissan is currently working towards a change that may affect automotive manufacturing for years to come.

Kaizen focuses on improving the manufacturing process one problem or hindrance at a time. Once one task is complete, the next one begins. This allows for a streamlined approach to problem solving and growth. This also allows for routines to be established and improvements to be consistent. The caveat to this concept is that growth and improvements are slowed by the one at a time approach.

Nissan plans on using what they have dubbed the “Kakushin”concept. This approach is designed to increase growth and improvement on a multiplying scale. This growth is present due to multiple problems not only being solved, but being solved simultaneously. The Kakushin concept could allow Nissan to plan for decreased costs and labor involved as each manufacturing operation becomes more efficient.

Nissan plans to introduce the concept of Kakushin throughout its manufacturing operation. The company and it’s subsidiaries operate throughout the USA , Europe and it’s native Japan. While still in it’s infancy, Kakushin has the ability to make drastic improvements to an already efficient industry in automotive manufacturing. Many would say that the efficiency of the automotive manufacturing industry has reached it’s peak. Nissan and it’s subsidiaries hope to prove them wrong.

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