Meet 11 Women Leading Manufacturing into its Fourth Age (Pt. II)

In our series on women in manufacturing, we’re looking at the powerful female leaders of today who are shaping manufacturing’s future. In Part I, we covered five highly influential female role models. Now, we’re covering six more, shedding light on the potential and power of women in industry. Keep reading below to meet six women driving us into a future age of manufacturing.

Feng Ying Wang's focus is on electric and hybrid plug-in car production


6. Feng Ying Wang, CEO & Vice Chairman of Great Wall Motors

Feng Ying Wang is a driver of innovation at Great Wall Motors. In her long tenure with the company, she’s been a voice for evolution. Today, her focus is on electric and hybrid plug-in car production. Another alumni of Forbes’ list of Most Powerful Women, she’s an international inspiration to women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Veronica Braker's industry tenure shows the endless opportunities for any woman entering a budding STEM career


7. Veronica Braker, Vice President of Operations, Performance Materials at BASF

The epitome of a Lean six Sigma evangelist, Veronica is a Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt with 25 years of experience in her field. She’s worked across the manufacturing spectrum, from oil and gas (Shell), to consumer products (Proctor & Gamble), to chemical manufacturing (BASF) today. Her industry tenure shows the potential for any woman entering a budding STEM career.

Kathryn Kelley is helping to shape the next generation of the manufacturing industry


8. Kathryn Kelley, Executive Director of the Ohio Manufacturing Institute

Industry organizations govern the future of manufacturing in many capacities. At the head of the Ohio Manufacturing Institute is Kathryn Kelley — helping to shape the next generation of industry. She studies and reports on all things driving Industry 4.0 and has more than 20 years of experience following industry growth and trends.

Allison Grealis is shaping a path for gender equality in manufacturing


9. Allison Grealis, President of Women in Manufacturing

The nonprofit, Women in Manufacturing, exists as a pillar of support for women pursuing a career in STEM. Allison Grealis founded this organization in 2010, which has grown to more than 4,000 members, to provide invaluable resources and support to women in industry. Allison is, quite literally, shaping a path for gender equality in manufacturing.

Jill Jusko is a voice to look for as an up-and-coming STEM professional


10. Jill Jusko, Senior Editor at IndustryWeek

Jill Jusko has her finger on the pulse of industry and is consistently providing the world with new and exciting perspectives on the progress of Industry 4.0. As Senior Editor at IndustryWeek, her voice is one many up-and-coming STEM professionals look to for insights — including women in industry.

Stephanie Hendrixson specializes in 3D printing and additive manufacturing and is an advocate for women in STEM


11. Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor of Additive Manufacturing Magazine

Few technologies are poised to take off in Industry 4.0 like additive manufacturing, and Stephanie Hendrixson knows a thing or two about this segment of manufacturing. Not only is she on the cutting edge of all things 3D printing and additive manufacturing — she’s an advocate for women in STEM and women in journalism. Her story didn’t start in STEM, but she’s carved out a name for herself as an industry authority today.

With new innovations, obstacles, and technologies emerging as part of Industry 4.0, good leadership is more important than ever. Not coincidentally, it’s the ideal time for women in STEM — in fact, representation has never been greater, nor has opportunity. It’s possible that through these women and the ones who follow them, Industry 4.0 could herald the end of the gender gap and the beginning of a manufacturing age driven by the bold ideas of empowered women.

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