Still Made In America?

Are there manufacturers that started in America and still exist with American made products?

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution and the need for mass quantities of goods due to supply and demand, almost every manufacturers main goal is to be as automated as possible. While there are few manufacturers that predate the Industrial Revolution and still exist and manufacture in the US, there are some.  Once such company is Ames Manufacturing Company currently headquartered in Pennsylvania.

Captain John Ames was a blacksmith who manufactured the first shovels in the 1700’s. His sons carried on the shovel manufacturing and developed the business into a full cutlery and tool factory that formally incorporated in the 1800’s.  Along with hand making tools such as the shovel, they went on to produce swords and cannons for the US Government.  After manufacturing shovels by hand for more than 20 years they began to automate their process during the Industrial Revolution.  They purchased a metal forge and began with an assembly line and the rest is history!  Their original factory is presently still in existence in Chicopee, Massachusetts and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ames is currently still manufacturing in America, their shovels and tools are found for sale in all major retailers such as Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot! They are considered one of the leading American Manufacturers of lawn and garden products and job site tools and have had many recognized achievements throughout their history such as helping to build the Empire State Building and the Hoover Dam to winning the Idea Award for Design Strategy in 2014!

It is great to see a company that has manufactured in America throughout their successful existence. We would love to know of more success stories such as this one! Please share your comments or questions with us below!

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