Donald Trump Makes Andrew Liveris Head of the American Manufacturing Council

At a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan on December 9, 2016 President-elect Donald Trump made the announcement that Andrew Liveris would head the American Manufacturing Council. This committee of 25 will advise the Commerce Secretary and be responsible for finding ways to bring industry back and increase manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Liveris is the CEO of the DOW Chemical Company and is an advocate for manufacturing and its essential role in the long term success of our nation’s economy. Liveris is a 62 year old Australian born man who graduated with first class honors and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and in 2011 published Make It In America – The Case For Reinventing The Economy. He has been with Dow Chemical Company since 1976 and has spent time in Asia and Thailand. He was President of Asian Pacific Operations before moving to the Board of Directors in 2004 and Chairman in 2006. He has been credited with transforming DOW from a cyclical chemicals manufacturing company into a material, polymers, chemicals and biological sciences enterprise that offers innovative solutions for humanities biggest challenges, maxing the monetary worth for its stakeholders.

He has been honored with the Distinguished Performance Award for Excellence in Public Policy from the committee of Economic Development and the International Leadership award from USCIB (United States Council for International Business), along with being named the number one Power Player in the global chemical market 4 times and carried a number of substantial titles throughout his career.

We are hopeful that the American Manufacturing Council can make a positive change in the industry and are eager to see Manufacturing thrive again.

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