Brush Up On Leadership Skills in 2019

The end of the calendar year is always a good time for reflection and analysis on what went right and what went wrong in the workplace. Aside from the obvious topics such as numbers, safety measures, employee performance and production efficiency, be sure to take time to reflect on how your team’s leadership performed and what could be done better in 2019.


Lead by Example

Whether it’s something as simple as reinforcing a clean workspace or having a proactive attitude in meetings, reflect the behaviors you want your employees to have. A leader who exemplifies what he or she wants the company to be is likely to empower employees to do the same.


Own Mistakes

There’s a defined line between acknowledging shortcomings and discussing how you’ll grow from the experience and brushing those shortcomings off as circumstantial. A leader who is humble and admits when things fell short is more likely to earn the trust and respect he or she wants from employees.


Encourage Feedback

A leader who asks for and welcomes honest feedback from all levels of the company is much more likely to get meaningful insights about employee satisfaction, job performance and general company culture. Encourage feedback, seek it out, rely on it and reiterate its importance at every opportunity.


Cultivate Relationships

A leader who not only keeps an open-door policy with employees but also gets to know them is much more likely to see mutual trust and respect as a result. Make a point to learn more about your employees than just their names. Aside from casual chats, find ways to shine a spotlight on employees through newsletters or company-wide meetings.


Be Transparent

A well-informed workforce means more trust in leadership, so keep your teams up to date on the latest company goings-on. This could mean small procedural changes or larger scale projects coming down the pipeline.


A new year is a new opportunity to reflect on everything your company and its leadership have achieved and everything you want to strive for in the future. Be sure to take time to reflect on leadership skills and shortcomings to see how you can become a better leaders in 2019. Share your thoughts! Let us know what sort of skills your leadership group plans to work on in the new year but leaving a comment below.


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