Benefits of Industrial Electronics Repair Warranties

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When you purchase new machinery or equipment, you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. You’ve likely carefully researched and compared retailers for details before making a decision on which product to buy and from where. With an industrial electronics repair warranty, you can extend the life cycle of your new machinery and equipment without having to pay for costly future repairs.

When Should I Get a Repair Warranty?

Whether it’s wise for you to invest in a repair warranty depends on the type of equipment you’re purchasing. A repair warranty is a type of insurance, meaning there is no certainty you will end up using it or earning your money back.

The more often you use a piece of equipment and the more integral it is to your business, the more you should consider getting a warranty on it. Electronics that see frequent use are more likely to break down than lightly used electronics, and machinery you use daily endures a great amount of stress. When a piece of equipment is essential to your daily operations, it is more likely to break down from wear and you are more likely to recoup money you spend on a warranty.

Repair warranties are also good investments when you have industrial electronics that need to be repaired as soon as possible when they go down. If your business doesn’t have staff specializing in industrial electronics repair, a warranty will allow you to get your components fixed by professionals in a timely manner. The more complicated the equipment you’re using and the less common it is, the more you should consider getting a repair warranty.

The Benefits of Buying an Industrial Electronics Repair Warranty

For those considering insuring their industrial electronics purchase, an electronics repair warranty carries several benefits:

  • Expert assistance: Repair warranties give you access to expert technicians who understand your industrial electronics system inside and out. Unlike other technicians, these company-trained professionals understand the peculiarities and features of your specific brand and can fix any errors that arise with ease.
  • Monetary savings: For significant investments, a repair bill can sometimes outweigh the cost of the electronics themselves. When you purchase a repair warranty, you’re paying a small amount of money down to minimize your repair bill later. For high-use equipment, this is a worthy trade.
  • Enhanced business relationships: Choosing to work with the manufacturer for repair services will allow you to meet people from the brand and create partnerships for your future equipment purchases. Once you know how reliable and knowledgeable the manufacturer experts are, you may want to continue investing in quality equipment from their business.

Get an Industrial Electronics Repair Warranty Through Global Electronic Services

Global Electronic Services offers an 18-month in-service warranty with every piece of equipment and machinery we sell. We stock thousands of parts in-house so any equipment your business sends in for repairs will be back to you with a tight turnaround of no more than five days. To learn more about our warranty and repair services, call 877-249-1701 or request a free quote today.

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