Why Keeping Your Employees Happy Is Just as Important as Keeping Your Customers Happy

Why it's important to keep your employees happy

Your paying customers are why your company continues to thrive and do good business — but what about your employees? The work they do for you is invaluable, and some business leaders often take this for granted. Employee happiness is essential to run a successful business, and here are three reasons why.

1. Boosts Employees’ Productivity

According to a study reported on Forbes, happy employees are almost 20 percent more productive than those who are not happy. As it turns out, negative feelings could have a poor impact on an employee’s performance. If you’re a business leader fostering an ugly work environment or you’re not doing enough to keep your workers satisfied, it might start to show in your business performance. Keeping your employees satisfied over the course of the long-term will help make them more effective as individuals and as a team.

2. Makes the Work Environment More Pleasant

No one wants to walk into a poor work environment every day. Negativity in the workplace is draining for everyone, and it can lead to decreases in job satisfaction. If your workplace environment is already suffering due to unhappy employees, this can multiply and make things even worse. The more content your company’s workers are, the more positive their interactions will be with one another and their leaders.

3. Improves Employee-Customer Interactions

Most professionals know it’s best to leave their problems at the door when they walk into work, but negative feelings still have a way of sneaking into everyday responsibilities. Dissatisfaction among employees can not only have an impact on their interactions with each other but also on their exchanges with customers or clients. Positivity can spread, meaning if your employees are in good spirits, they’re more likely to offer a more pleasant customer service experience.

How Do You Make Your Employees Happier?

How do you fit your employees’ needs into your company’s ever-growing list of priorities? There’s no one set way that will absolutely improve your employee relationships, but it ultimately comes down to courtesy, respect and professionalism. There are certain aspects of your company’s workers you can’t control, and you can’t always make them happy. That said, your business can still create a strong work environment that makes your employees feel valued and engaged.

For instance, give credit where credit is due. Trust your employees to make decisions, listen to their needs and ideas and make them feel like an important part of the team. These are all tiny but powerful gestures company leaders can make to increase happiness in the workplace and help everyone go home feeling fulfilled at the end of the day.

Every job is crucial in keeping a business afloat, and the workers who perform those jobs each day deserve to feel satisfied and appreciated. If your company is willing to go the extra mile for its customers and clients, it should put every bit as much energy into valuing the people behind the scenes.

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