4 Keys to Attracting Talented Manufacturing Employees

In the manufacturing industry, having people with the right talents and desires can significantly impact your success. Employees who fit your culture and possess problem-solving skills are crucial to your ability to produce quality products. Many manufacturers are finding that recruiting and hiring top talent to fill positions is challenging in today’s competitive job market. However, you can take steps to ensure you are attracting the people you need.

1. Strengthen your employer brand.

Finding qualified candidates is harder than ever for manufacturers. Today, what a company offers potential employees is just as relevant as what those team members can contribute to the business. In a market such as this, online recruiting tools are essential, and it is critical for each manufacturer to build a reliable online employment brand. Building employee profiles with detailed job descriptions gives potential candidates insights into the organization and its shared culture and values. Strengthening your brand can help attract skilled candidates who want to work for you.

2. Stay competitive with pay and benefits.

Talented candidates want fair, competitive wages when they start along with policies and benefits that make them feel valued. Job security is a concern for many job seekers who want full-time 40-hour work weeks, recognition for attendance and performance, and, while willing to work overtime, prefer not to run 12-hour and rotating shifts. Medical benefits and paid time off can make you even more attractive to top candidates. 

3. Build a network to recruit candidates.

Don’t wait until positions need immediate filling to start your recruiting process. Happy and contented employees are great sources of potential recruits for you to take advantage of. Make sure current employees know you are always interested in quality applicants, and keep them up to date on future openings. Use your website and social media sites to connect with possible candidates and build relationships with leaders of trade schools and high schools as well as members of organizations who can expose you and your company to future talent.

4. Stay in contact with interested candidates.

Don’t miss out on quality candidates by failing to maintain contact with them. Keep prospects who fit your needs aware of opportunities within your company, and consider inviting them to subscribe to your company newsletter. Ensure these people know of your interest in them, and they will be more likely to respond accordingly.

When determining your employment needs, decide what skills are essential prerequisites to the job and what skills employees can learn as they go. Providing candidates with job security and cultivating a positive work environment and culture can help ensure talented people will seek out employment at your company.

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